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ODOGard® Odor Elimination in the Automotive and Travel Industry

Being on the go means spending more time in our vehicles and sometimes our passengers, whether human or pet, create stinky odors. ODOGard®’s patented formulas chemically and physically change vehicle’s smelly molecules to become odorless. Whether in the air or on hard or soft surfaces, ODOGard® is safe to use around people and pets. ODOGard® eliminates a broad spectrum of malodors including, but not limited to, smoke, pets, and bodily odors and can be used for everything from accidental leaks, to motion sickness, and everything in between.

Rem Brands, Inc. has a strong patent and intellectual property portfolio across a broad platform of automotive and travel categories including odor elimination, stain removal, air care, and wipes. These products cover everyone’s odor elimination needs.

Enhance Products with ODOGard®

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    Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® irreversibly bonds with malodors created by some of the worst offenders: sports players, faithful pets, children’s carpool, smoky rental car, skunk, and so much more!

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    Stain and Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® works great on stains and eliminates the odor at the same time, even on carpets and seat cushions.

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    Air Filters:

    ODOGard® can help keep your air fresh, even when smelly odors come from outside! Whether passing a garbage truck or skunk, ODOGard®’s molecules will bond and eliminate the stinky odors.

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    Clean-Up Wipes:

    ODOGard® cleans up the mess while removing the odor from accidents in the vehicle.

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    Boat/Marine Odors:

    ODOGard® eliminates odors from fish to mold and mildew smells.

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    Seat Cushion Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® reduces odors that fester in seat cushions, tiny airplane seats, stadium seat pads, children’s car seats, and many more.

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