Bonding and Eliminating Malodors

ODOGard® Odor Elimination in the Commercial Industry

Whether producing raw materials, creating packaging, or ensuring fresh air from waste management facilities or agricultural areas, ODOGard® permanently eliminates malodors. ODOGard®’s patented formulas chemically and physically change malodor molecules to become odorless. ODOGard®’s formulas do not rely on fragrances or masking agents to eliminate the odor. While tracer fragrances can be added, if desired, they are not needed for product efficacy. ODOGard® is applicable to a broad spectrum of odors and is safe to use around people and pets.

Rem Brands, Inc. has a strong patent and intellectual property portfolio across a broad platform of commercial categories including odor elimination, stain removal, air care, treatment systems, packaging, and fogger systems. These products cover odor elimination needs across many industries.

Enhance Products with ODOGard®

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    Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® irreversibly bonds with malodors in the air and on hard and soft surfaces. The technology can also be embedded in absorbent substrates to reduce odors.

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    Air Filter:

    ODOGard® can be applied to air filters to help keep the air free from odors.

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    Municipality Treatment Systems:

    ODOGard® reduces malodors commonly found in waste treatment facilities.

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    Raw Material Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® can be used to eliminate the malodors found in raw materials.

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    ODOGard® can help reduce and maintain odor control throughout the life cycle of the package.

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    Fogger Systems:

    ODOGard®’s fine mist irreversibly bonds with airborne malodors.

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