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ODOGard® Odor Elimination in the Institutional Industry

Upon entering places such as nursing homes, hospitals, or schools, Smell Nothing™ with ODOGard®. ODOGard®’s patented formulas chemically and physically change malodor molecules to become odorless. ODOGard® is safe to use around people and pets and is applicable to a broad spectrum of odors including but not limited to, bodily fluids and excretions (urine, BM, vomit, blood, body odor/perspiration). Eliminating odor provides more enjoyable visits, socializing, healing, and learning.

Rem Brands, Inc. has a strong patent and intellectual property portfolio across a broad platform of institutional categories including odor elimination, stain removal, air care, wipes, laundry additive, and laundry rinse. These products help institutions control their odor problems.

Enhance Products with ODOGard®

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    Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® irreversibly bonds with malodors in the air and on hard and soft surfaces. Eliminate odors in the bathroom, bedroom, classroom, trash can, garbage chute, clinic, and so much more!

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    Stain and Odor Eliminator:

    Whether on carpets or other fabrics, ODOGard® works great on stains and eliminates the odor at the same time.

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    Automated Air Mister:

    ODOGard® can help keep the air fresh by eliminating odors.

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    Clean-Up Wipes:

    ODOGard® helps clean up the mess and remove the odor simultaneously.

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    Laundry Additive or Detergent:

    For heavy duty smells, ODOGard® penetrates into the fabric to bond and eliminate the odor.

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    Laundry Final Rinse:

    ODOGard® is effective in removing any lingering odors and helps keep clothes smelling fresher, longer. Increase shelf life freshness for many fabric types, including bed linens, towels, and other washables.

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