ODOGard® Smell Nothing™

http://oceanraiderinc.com/tag/marine-carpentry-remodeling-broward-fort-lauderdale-florida/ ODOGard® is applicable to a broad spectrum of malodors including but not limited to smoke, pets, and bodily fluids and excretions (urine, BM, vomit, blood, body odor/perspiration).

odogardlogo2 buy cheap Finax in uk ODOGard® can be sprayed into the air and onto hard and soft surfaces. It is safe to use on carpet, bathrooms, garbage cans, garbage chutes, curtains, diaper pails, gym lockers, and so much more!

http://vipluxsalon.com/?cat=5 ODOGard® is effective in laundry. It can be used in the detergent cycle, as an additive, or as a stand-alone product in the final rinse cycle. Users will experience a reduction in front load washer odor and increased shelf life of clothing and linens.

  • A Rem Brands Product

    Rem Brands has a strong
    patent and Intellectual Property portfolio including 20 patents & more pending.

ODOGard® was developed at Rem Brands, a company that has had astounding success in delivering innovative and superior chemical technologies in the odor elimination, stain removal, and disinfectant markets. Rem Brands’ active ingredients have proven to be far superior to what the current market offers, as well as non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe to use around people and pets.

ODOGard is manufactured in the U.S. and is covered by one or more of the following patents: 8,759,399; 8,003,823; 7,629,492; 7,560,592; 7,465,829; 7,371,368; 1,940,784; Other U.S. and foreign patents are pending.