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Odor Elimination in the Pet Industry

Your pet’s companionship is enjoyed and welcomed throughout the day whether at home or on the go. Despite the love and attention they give us, let’s face it, pets stink. ODOGard®’s patented formula chemically and physically changes smelly pet odor molecules to become odorless. ODOGard® is used confidently to overcome pet odors, whether on hard or soft surfaces. Additionally, ODOGard® can be used in pet care products as the active odor elimination ingredient.

Rem Brands, Inc. has a strong patent and intellectual property portfolio across a broad platform of pet categories including odor elimination, stain removal, shampoo, wipes, pet diapers, and pet pads. These products cover the pet’s life stages and activity levels.

Enhance These Products with ODOGard®

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    Cat Litter Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® technology is proven to eliminate odors associated with cat litter.

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    Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® bonds with the malodors on hard and soft surfaces.

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    Stain and Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® works great on pet stains and eliminates the odor at the same time.

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    Pet Wipes:

    Used for general cleaning and odor reduction of the coat and paws; ODOGard® focuses on use with dogs that roll around in stinky things, get sprayed by skunk, etc.

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    Pet Clean-Up Wipes:

    ODOGard® helps clean up the mess and remove the odor simultaneously. The wipes
    can be used to wipe out litter boxes, wipe off pet toys, and clean around active pet areas.

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    Pet Laundry/Rinse:

    Products for laundry, including pet clothing and soft toys; ODOGard® eliminates the pet odor.

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    Pet Diapers:

    ODOGard®’s odor reduction in
    absorbent articles can be applied to pet diapers.

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    Pet Pads:

    From training puppies to traveling,
    ODOGard® treated pet pads reduce urine odor.

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