Your Best Defense Against Offensive Odors

ODOGard® Odor Elimination in the Sports Industry

While you work and play hard, ODOGard® works equally hard to quickly and permanently eliminate stinky odors. ODOGard®’s patented formulas chemically and physically change stinky molecules to become odorless. ODOGard® is safe to use around people and pets and is applicable to a broad spectrum of odors including body odor and perspiration.

Rem Brands, Inc. has a strong patent and intellectual property portfolio across a broad platform of sport categories including odor elimination, stain removal, wipes, laundry additive, and laundry rinse. These products eliminate odors of all types from sweaty socks to smelly shoulder pads.

Enhance Products with ODOGard®

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    Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® irreversibly bonds with malodors in the air and on hard and soft surfaces. Eliminate odors in the bathroom, gym, locker room, and so much more!

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    Stain and Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® works great on stains and eliminates the odor at the same time.

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    Clean-Up Wipes:

    ODOGard® helps clean up the mess and remove the odor simultaneously. ODOGard® Wipes easily clean sports and gym equipment.

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    Laundry Additive or Detergent:

    For heavy duty smells, especially those embedded in sports equipment, ODOGard® penetrates into the material to bond and eliminate the odor.

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    Laundry Final Rinse:

    ODOGard® removes any lingering odors and helps keep clothes smelling fresher, longer.

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    Shoe Odor Eliminator:

    ODOGard® reduces the malodors lurking in cleats, running/walking shoes, and all types of footwear.

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